• Telecommunications Engineer presently based in Nairobi Kenya, i am passionate about IT related stuff and travels! I went to school here - Turin, Italy. Whilst in Uni, i used to blog and stuff. Check out my cheeky blog in the link. I am always striving to learn more and every day, every experience offers that opportunity. Would you like to partner, consult or just go out for a drink? drop a line!

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  • +254 712 181410
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • me@edwinopenda.com
  • www.edwinopenda.com
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  • Speaker at various startup meetings/Conferences.
  • Website Development & Design:
A) Tours & Holidays project B) Rinda Kenya: online shopping for women's clothes Past Projects:
  • Augmented Reality App @ Telecom Italia:
Worked/contributed to this project whilst interning for my degree program. Focusing mainly on GUI aspects and User Experience.
    • On-site training (& Translator from Italian to English) on the use of Talan Systems for private security/intelligence. Tasked by ATET -http://www.atet.it/english/
-- Learn more about Talan systems here: Talan Systems


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